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Introducing Our Exclusive Whisky Wax Melts Collection


Elevate Your Space with Masculine Luxury

At BarreledOver, we understand the allure of whisky and bourbon extends beyond the glass. It’s an experience—a journey through rich aromas and sophisticated tastes that evoke memories of rugged yet refined moments.

Our Whisky Wax Melts Collection encapsulates this essence, offering a range of no-frills, authentic scents tailored for the discerning masculine palate.

Embrace Authenticity with Straight Whisky

Immerse yourself in the inviting embrace of straight whisky with our 50g luxury soy wax snap bar. Infused with the velvety sweetness of caramel, this fragrance captures the smoothness of whisky intertwined seamlessly with indulgent nuances. Let the rich aroma envelop your space, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort.

Indulge in Nostalgia with Old Fashioned Whisky

Experience the timeless elegance of the Old Fashioned Whisky fragrance with our 50g luxury soy wax snap bar. Warm, rich, and complex, this scent transports you to a place of refined taste. Immerse yourself in aged whiskey, hints of bitters, sugar, and citrus, and elevate your space with a refined fragrance crafted to evoke moments of nostalgia.

Delight in Subtle Syrupy Aromas with Honey and Bourbon

Indulge in the exquisite fusion of flavors with our 50g luxury soy wax snap bar. Sweet notes of orange marmalade and tamarind dance atop a rich base of honey, complemented by the warmth of bourbon and gentle spice of clove. Crafted to create a subtly syrupy aroma, this fragrance captivates and comforts, igniting moments of pure luxury and relaxation.

Immerse Yourself in Rich Tobacco and Oak Bourbon

Embark on a journey through ale, oak, bourbon, and rich tobacco with our captivating blend. Dry dusty notes of tobacco meet soft bergamot and sun-sweetened mandarin, with hints of rock rose, black pepper, and roasted nutmeg. Let the journey lead you to a rich base of oaked bourbon, sandalwood, sensual amber, leather, and musks, elevating your space with sophistication and refinement.

Experience Refined Allure with Gentleman’s Reserve

Immerse yourself in the refined allure of our Gentleman’s Reserve 50g Soy Wax Snap Bar. This distinguished blend tantalizes the senses with a crisp freshness of bergamot and green nuances, evolving into a sophisticated heart of powdered orris and spicy cinnamon. Anchored by a rich base of cedar, amber, and benzoin, this fragrance is elevated by a touch of golden whiskey, softened by creamy vanilla and tonka bean. Experience the essence of sophistication and refinement with every luxurious whiff of Gentleman’s Reserve.

Savor Decadence with Salted Bourbon Buttercream

Savor the irresistible allure of Salted Bourbon Buttercream in our 50g Soy Wax Snap Bar, a decadent gourmand creation that tantalizes the senses. This fragrance captivates from the first whiff with a blend of dark bourbon and rich fruity undertones. As it unfolds, hints of salted caramel, essence of vanilla, and sweet buttercream delicately envelop you, creating a sumptuous aroma that lingers luxuriously. Indulge in the opulent charm of Salted Bourbon Buttercream and experience pure sensory delight with every breath.

Sustainable Luxury Packaging

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. Each fragrance is packaged in glassine bags, offering a biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable alternative to plastic. With BarreledOver, you can indulge in luxury guilt-free, knowing that every detail is crafted with authenticity, sophistication, and respect for the environment.

Complete the Experience with Our Whisky Barrel Wax Burner


To fully immerse yourself in the world of whisky-inspired home decor, complement your Whisky Wax Melts Collection with our Whisky Barrel Wax Burner. Crafted from repurposed whisky barrels, this burner adds a touch of rugged yet refined elegance to any space. Experience the aroma of your favorite whisky wax melts in style.

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