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Based on the Adirondack chair this stylish and totally unique large dog bed is perfect for bigger dogs or dogs that like to stretch out it is customisable to be made even bigger than the version in the photos.

It is slightly raised off the floor making it perfect for outdoor or indoor use and away from a cold or damp floor. You can add your own choice of cushion/cover as we have done for the photos, making it the perfect large dog bed for the larger pampered pooch.

Choosing the right bed for your dog is very important and even though they are happy to share your bed they should also have their own bed to be able to snooze in, after all dogs spend a considerably longer time sleeping than humans do and according to the RSPCA you should put the bed somewhere warm and draught-free and give your dog options. You could place one bed in a quiet part of the house where they can rest undisturbed, and one in a room where the family spends time so they can be in your company while relaxing or snoozing in a comfortable spot.

Make sure you decide on the appropriate size bed for your dog. They can be seen sleeping in a variety of postures, including sprawled out, curled up, on their backs, and even on their bellies with their legs stretched out like they are flying! They ought to have enough room in their bed to spread out comfortably in each of these postures. Your dog might prefer to snuggle up or stretch out, we have the option for both!

A special dog deserves a luxury dog bed.
When it comes to beds, some dogs may have particular requirements: A memory foam or orthopaedic raised bed that is easy for older dogs or dogs with any aches, pains, or joint issues may be beneficial.

A bed in the shape of a “igloo” may be beneficial for your timid or anxious dog so they may retreat there whenever things get too much for them.

Two or more dogs? You should have at least one bed for each dog in order to prevent competition. If your dogs want to cuddle up together, think about purchasing a large dog bed that is roomy enough for them to do so comfortably.

Handcrafted to order meaning each piece is unique. While every effort will be taken to replicate the product in the photographs, there will undoubtedly be variations.

These whisky barrels can be given a second life by being repurposed, keeping them out of the landfill and lowering their environmental impact. By doing this, waste is decreased and precious resources that might otherwise be used to create new items are preserved. Additionally, our emphasis on upcycling fits in perfectly with the rising demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Customers are actively looking for companies that place a high priority on sustainability as they become more aware of their environmental impact. We are not only satisfying this demand, but also giving clients one-of-a-kind items that enhance the character and beauty of their homes by selling distinctive and useful objects produced from recycled whisky and wine barrels. Our products made from recycled oak whisky or wine barrels are not only eco-friendly but also showcase traditional workmanship. The finest quality and longevity are ensured by the meticulous handcrafting of each item. We help reduce waste by choosing to upcycle these barrels while also providing our customers and their dogs with a long-lasting, stylish and unique alternative.

Contact us now to get the BarreledOver Dogarondack large dog bed for your furry best friend.  Dog beds with style!

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 84 × 50 × 46 cm
What Type of Barrel Material Would You Like Your Dog Bed Made From?

Bourbon, Madeira

What Size Dog Bed Would You Like?

84 cm x 50 cm, 84 cm x 84 cm


Materials Disclaimer

These are designed for indoor/outdoor spaces, but if they are kept outside we would recommend a cover. They must also be kept away from heat sources such as radiators or ovens as well as areas with long periods of sunlight. Exposure to UV light over long periods can have an effect on the colour of the material.
Whilst we aim for high consistency no BarreledOver product will have the exact same appearance, Wood is a natural material and therefore every item will have its own and unique colour and texture, it also responds to changes in humidity and temperature by contracting and expanding. This may cause cracks and movement, this is not a fault but a natural occurrence and part of the design intention, nevertheless we advise you to keep the product in stable conditions to minimise those effects.

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