Handcrafted Guitar Pick


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Handcrafted Guitar Pick: Elevate Your Music Experience with BarreledOver’s Unique Creation

Discover the Beauty of Our Handcrafted Guitar Picks


Indulge in the allure of our meticulously handcrafted guitar pick, fashioned from authentic oak whisky barrel staves.


The Smallest Marvel in Our Artisan Collection


At BarreledOver, we take pride in presenting what might be the smallest but undoubtedly the loveliest item in our unique catalog – the handcrafted guitar plectrum. Let’s explore why this diminutive creation stands out, capturing the hearts of guitar players and collectors.

Unparalleled Feel and Sound

Crafted from oak whisky barrel staves, our handcrafted guitar pick boasts an incredible feel and sound that sets it apart from conventional plastic alternatives. Dive into the sensory experience as we discuss the distinct texture and enhanced usability that musicians love.

Smooth Yet Textured: A Delightful Sensation


Unlike plastic picks, our handmade creation offers a smooth surface with a subtle texture, making it not only pleasing to touch but also easier to hold. Learn how this unique feature enhances your playing experience.


Beeswax Finish: Unveiling the Grain’s Beauty


To accentuate the natural beauty of the oak, each guitar pick is meticulously finished with beeswax. Discover how this finishing touch brings out the grain, adding a touch of elegance to your musical accessory.



The Perfect and Unusual Gift for Musicians! Surprise the musicians in your life with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. Our handcrafted oak whisky barrel guitar pick from BarreledOver is not just a musical accessory; it’s a work of art. Explore the collection at BarreledOver.co.uk and redefine your music journey.

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